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Markus Rill & The Troublemakers March 28th, 2019

Krissy Matthews Band May 5th, 2019

Joseph Parsons June 2nd, 2019

We also would like to invite you to try our ice cream specialties in our ice-cafe. All ice cream specialties are hand made out of real natural products. Our cakes and tarts are handmade as well. All pastries can be chosen by a daily variable offer. Around 50 guests can find space in our café and our terrace offers 20 more guest seats. So if you would like to invite some friends or family for any cause, our café will be the perfect place for it.
Cakes and Tarts
Wedding cakes, birthday cakes and tarts for special causes
We also would be very delighted to take your order for a special cake, tart and many more.
We would make your wish come true!